The Betavine Academy has been combined with other mobile information to become Betavine Resources. Itwill be a place where non-mobile developers can come to start their development careers with mobile technology.

Visit the Betavine Resources wiki and contribute to the community to help get people going with mobile development.

Focus of Betavine Resources

I am keen that the Betavine Resources encourage people to consider mobile technology plus mobile entrepreneurship.

There will eventually be 3 sections of the Betavine Academy:

  • technology tutorials
  • business tools
  • user experience concepts

I believe that in order to launch a successful business in mobile all 3 aspects must be considered and acted upon.  We will start with the technology tutorials in phase 2 and introduce the other sections in phase 3.


4 Responses to “Betavine Resources”

  1. following the blog, good stuff!

  2. […] You can read more about the Betavine Academy here […]

  3. Vinson Says:

    Hi thanks for dropping by with my blog. Yeah crowdsourcing is a very interesting and promising business model which you can use to achieve your target goals with the help of the people all around the world (the crowd). Your idea about Betavine is really good, mobile technology nowadays is improving rapidly because of different features and applications coincide with it.Wish you success with your Betavine-project.


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