A year ago I was involved in setting up an exciting new relationship for Vodafone, when we donated money to the Web Foundation and joined the founders circle.

One of the projects that resulted from this new relationship is the Mobile Entrepreneurs in Africa.

In June I had the great pleasure of visiting Accra in Ghana to help set up the project and create the link to Vodafone Ghana.  We had a hectic schedule of meetings with poeple from many organisations and after 4 days came to the conclusion that we really needed to bring together the mobile community in Accra and then we would be able to promote the training course for mobile web entrepreneurs.

The community is called Mobile Web Ghana and is being run by Florence Toffa.

Mobile Web Ghana

Mobile Web Ghana

The project has now moved on and we are about to start the first training course on 24th February 2011.

I am hoping to attend the last part of the course and meet the candidates and discuss their ideas for new businesses based around the mobile web.  We are planning to follow their journey and report on how they get on.