As part of our work to encourage Social Entrepreneurs to use mobile technology, the Betavine Team has created a new section to its website – the Betavine Resources wiki, see below.

The new Betavine Resources Wiki

The idea is to collect a wide range of resources that Social Entrepreneurs, in fact any entrepreneurs, can use to create businesses based on mobile technology.  There are 3 main sections to the resources wiki:

  • User Experience – a key to success of any new services, it has to be easy to understand and use
  • Business – how can mobile applications and services be commercialised? what models exist?
  • Technology – an overview and explanation of mobile technologies

Another key element of this resources wiki is the regional resources – helping developers in specific regions of the world to connect with local resources.  We are currently looking for champions to help us in each region / country.

We are keen to promote success stories of where mobile technology has been successfully deployed to create a social and sustainable business – please get in touch if you know of any such examples.

The wiki is open to all and it would be great to get your feedback on it.

Upcoming event:  Mobile Technology for Social Entrepreneurs