BSX – Online Feedback

November 13, 2009

We’re keen to user test Betavine Social Exchange, and by doing so to improve the site. Webnographer have set up a 15 minute test to help us do just this, and are offering a chance to win a prize. Tell them what you think about the Social Exchange by participating in an easy online process, which when completed could win you a £50 or £25 Amazon voucher. This web page explains all you need to know:

Meet Online, Deliver Offline

November 12, 2009

A colleague pointed me to this BBC article today on Global ‘caring’ portal to launch and this one First Ever Global Portal for Social Change Set For Launch …. sorry guys but I do think there were other websites in this space before you … including Betavine Social Exchange … well maybe these other sites focussed a little more and are not on quite the same scale.

I think this is a great initiative, people can give their time to projects running on other continents without leaving the comfort of their own homes.   It is a   “a place where people can meet, congregate and change the world online”.

I will be very interested to see how this works – may learn a few lessons for the Social Exchange.  With the Social Exchange we talk about it being an online meeting place or a “matchmaking” website .. however, when it comes to delivering real services on the ground you need to go offline.

We noticed that Kiva used local representatives to help with the delivery of the micro-loans to the right people and we have introduced the concept of “Support Partner” in Betavine Social Exchange.  Support Partners are organisations with some local presence that can help to deploy a mobile solution in the local market.

Can the world be changed online?

Well, according to Plato is it “necessity”.

Whilst I was visiting the RLabs in Athlone, Cape Town, I came across this initiative – Cans4Skills from the charity BreadlineAfrica.

Shipping containers are being used to create a space for skills training e.g. plumbing and brickwork.  Another example of the fantastic ingeniuty seen in Africa where “necessity is the mother of invention” !


Cans4Skills - Plumbing

And here is what it looks like on the inside …


Cans4Skills - Plumbing, teacher and students

And another one …


Cans4Skills - brickwork