BSX – Frequently Asked Questions #1

October 19, 2009

As I tell the story of the Betavine Social Exchange I get asked questions for clarification.  This really helps me to think through the story and make it clearer.  Here are some of the frequently asked questions which will end up in an FAQ on the website.

How do we keep challenges and solutions visible once the site has 100’s of users?

I got caught out by this question in Joburg!  We provide a good filter function on the challenge and solution pages so that you can filter by words used in challenge, region, partner or user tags.  This should help locate relevant challenges.

The fact that challenges are shown in reverse chronological order was mentioned and I was asked if regular updates to the challenge would keep it on the front page?  Yes, I think that could work but we need to consider more sophisticated solutions and maybe regular “mailshots” for unsolved challenges.

Do I have to link a solution to a challenge that is already on the site?

No. Solutions may be uploaded that are not linked to specific challenges.  This will allow a range of solutions to be uploaded and linked to challenges at a later date.  I hope we can have a large range of pre-existing solutions to select from.

What if there are several challenges that are very similar?

This may well happen and some challenges may look different but the underlying issues may be very similar.  At present we could link several challenges to the same solution.  In future we may add in a “similar to” button that gives a list of existing challenges and then similar challenges may be linked.

What mechanisms exist to publicise my challenge?

The Betavine Team are providing the BSX platform and general promotion.  A particular challenge could be promoted by a “tweet this” button which sends it out on the Betavine twitter feed to be re-tweeted by others.  We could also add in other mechanisms to make it easier to publicise challenges.

How do I start an off-line discussion around a particular challenge / solution?

At the moment you would need to give out an email address in a discussion forum.  In future we may have a direct messaging capability between registered Betavine members.

Will a challenge owner get notified when someone links it to a solution?

No, but we are planning to add this feature.

Who owns the IPR of particular solutions?

The creator / developer owns the IPR as is the case today on Betavine.  Once a challenge / solution pair has been created and it moves into the commercial discussion phase (off-line) then this is Business as Usual (BAU) for the local mobile operator or local businesses. Any commercial discussions on licence fees etc. will take place off-line.

Will all the software on BSX be open source?

No.  We will encourage software developers to select an open source licence e.g. GPL2, but it is up to the developer to decide.

I am sure there will be lots more questions posted soon.


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