OTA 09 and weekend working

September 29, 2009

OTA 09 at Imperial College on the weekend was fab!

Hundreds of mobile developers came together for tech sessions and an overnight hack in the “Great Hall”  at Imperial College, London.  There was even a “real” dalek to keep us in order …see   OTA 09 – Great Hall with Dalek .

I met some great people their and the Betavine Team worked the registration desk for the Friday and Saturday.

I was given a speaking slot at 9am on Saturday morning … not expecting a huge crowd but was pleasantly surprised to find some Betavine Social Exchange enthusiasts who had come especially for my talk!

A few snippets of my talk can be found on YouTube.

Following the talk I interview 3 very interesting people who clearly had a passion for bring technology to the developing world.

I was intrigued by Iris comments on “social entrepreneurs” …entrepreneurial in thinking whilst focussing on social problems.

Guillaume raised the issue of BSX challenges becoming “dead letters” i.e. getting lost and no-one working on the solutions.  We will work on features to help challenges to remain visible.

Joel thinks BSX could be a “great tool for connnecting people …”  – that is our aim and we will be seeking lots of feedback from our users to ensure we do this.

Please sign up for the pilot here:  BSX pilot.


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