BSX Pilot – launch date set

September 16, 2009

The Betavine Social Exchange Team are planning to sponsor this years Sangonet Annual Conference, to be held in Johannesburg and Cape Town, see Sangonet for details – #sangonet09.

The BSX launch event will take place at the evening party on the 15th October in Joburg – I find this very scary as the website is still being built as I write this post.  Below you will see the current BSX overview page – this will change as I wanted a more impactful look.

BSX overview page

Early version of BSX Overview page

The team only have 4 weeks to go now and a lot of work still to be done – it will be ready at the last minute!

We are still looking for more people to sign up for the South African pilot – sign up here.

I am also trying to work out sponsorship for a BSX competition .. to encourage participation during the pilot.


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  1. […] many rural areas in developing countries have no easy access. There is an interesting initiative by Stephan Wolak to make this link through mobile phones and connect the local to the global. Do you know any more […]

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