Betavine Social Exchange – update

September 3, 2009

Summer is over in England .. without the promised BBQ weather!

The Betavine Social Exchange is rapidly taking shape as my team code it up.  We are going to call it Betavine 4.0 as it is a significant update on the current release.

I am now focussing on getting some help with launching the pilot, particularly getting some example challenges and solutions that demonstrate the way it will work.

The current plan is to launch Betavine Social Exchange in mid October in South Africa.  The pilot is planned to run for around 6 months, in order to investigate the following:

  1. Functionality – we want to know what functions / features are missing or need enhancement.
  2. Usability – key to the success of BSX is the usability of the website so we will be looking for lots of user feedback on this.
  3. Integration with Vodacom – once solutions have been found they need to be deployed in a sustainable way, it is key that Vodacom engage with BSX and support the deployment process.

Below you can see a very early version of the new BSX homepage – this is just a wireframe with the style & graphics still to be added.

BSX Homepage - wireframe

BSX Homepage - wireframe

Comments welcome!


One Response to “Betavine Social Exchange – update”

  1. Hello Steve-
    Congrats on setting this up. Good initiative. Would love to support this both on the UX side and from MobileDesign UK.

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