Willoughby’s on Wednesday

July 23, 2009

I was on my own on Wednesday evening on the Waterfront, Cape Town … I asked for the best fish restaurant and “Willoughby & Co” was suggested.  Well the food was good but what was even better was the large table they sat me on and the people I met and spoke with!

Sunrise on Table Mountain

Sunrise on Table Mountain

On Thursday I held the BSX Cape Town workshop at the Breakwater Lodge, near the Waterfront.  We had around 19 participants, representing around 12 NGOs.  The workshop ran from 10am to 4pm and I am really grateful to the participants for working so hard for the full period.  As in Joburg I got a lot of input.

BSX Cape Town workshop in action

BSX Cape Town workshop in action


  • link to ICT support networks in each region / locale e.g. eRiders
  • create a map of mobile phone populations around the world e.g. penetration levels of each device
  • target funders to gain interest in the BSX
  • BSX website should emphasise discussion areas and workspaces
  • ICT guides and walkthroughs .. human online guides
  • local NGOs and resources directory
  • matchmaking NGOs with similar needs
  • search on geographic location, sector, NGO etc.
  • rate developers


  • technology is global, community issues are local
  • ICT support in rural areas – use mobile?
  • ICT support in general for NGOs

The main issue that surfaced was how to bridge the gap between the NGO community and the technology community.  Only the larger NGOs will have access to ICT support.  It is not just an issue of creating a solution, the biggest problem may be in operating and maintaining technology solutions – requires ongoing ICT support.

The pilot starting in October will explore these issues and help us to further develop the concept.


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