Johannesburg & Cape Town Workshops

July 9, 2009

The Betavine Social Exchange project is progressing well .. we are getting very good response from around Vodafone and also externally.   We are now at a stage where we really need to review the concept and our ideas with the communities who will use it.

Our pilot project with Vodacom is plannned to start in October 2009.  Next week I shall be in Johannesburg and Cape Town running workshops with local NGOs to discover more about their world and how the Betavine Social Exchange can best serve them.

Thanks to Sangonet , Meraka and Marlon Parker we have around 25 participants in each city already signed up.

I shall be posing the following questions around “community challenges”:

1. Name 3 specific challenges that are important to your community?

2. How does your organisation currently address these challenges?

3. Can  you envision a role for mobile technology for any of these challenges you work on or that your community faces?

4. If you determined in discussing question 3 that there is a role for mobile technology, please write a short couple of paragraphs describing the challenge and the role of mobile tech. as you see it.

I shall also be posing the following questions around “solutions”:

1. How would you normally find support / help for you ICT / mobile solutions?

2. How could BSX advertise its existence and features to reach organizations and groups like yours or those that are able to take advantage of the services offered?

3. What features of BSX would make it attractive for your organisation to use?

4. What would you expect to get from the BSX?

5. What are some of the barriers that might prevent your organizations from taking advantage of something like BSX?

6. How would you choose a solution for deployment?

Info about the workshops can be found here:

Johannesburg workshop

Cape Town workshop

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