What’s in a name?

June 9, 2009

The team are busy putting the concept of the Betavine Social Exchange (BSX) together … but we keep coming across the issue of naming.

We have now gone through the requirements, user journeys and wireframes … even got some copy guidelines and early use cases ready for implementation but we are still discussing names.

I may have mentioned kiva before,  well, they have a concept of a local partner – someone on the ground who is known and who can vouch for the person seeking a loan.  In the Betavine Social Exchange we call this a “local community partner” and we are going to start off by allowing anyone to sign up as a local community partner.  We believe that it will be the local community partner who will take the time to enter the problem description into the BSX and thereby kick off a community project.  However, to be as open as possible we will allow any user to enter a problem description.

Once a solution has been found or developed we want to encourage local entrepreneurs to pick up the solution, that already has a customer, and deploy it – usually on a commercial basis.  The people who offer support for this e.g. funding or equipment we call “support partners”.  Does this work?

We are planning a round of user testing but it is proving difficult to get time with local NGOs.


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