Mobile Co-creation for Social Change

May 24, 2009

Yesterday I attended and presented at Mobile Tech 4 Social Change London – it was fab!  Great crowd, great venue, good food and coffee and smoothies ….

Thanks to Dan Appelquist  from Vodafone and Katrin Verclas from Mobile Active for setting up this session – a barcamp style workshop of folk interested in mobile for social change.  The event was completely open and public and attracted people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Katrin and Dan

Katrin and Dan

These “camps” are now being run around the world and a wiki has been set up to capture the great thinking they generate – Mobile Tech 4 Social Change wiki.

In true “barcamp” style anyone was allowed to pitch an idea for a session and get it on the “grid”.  I pitched “mobile co-creation for social change” as a morning session and got some very good and detailed feedback on the Betavine Social Exchange concept.  The detailed feedback can be found on the wiki here.   Thanks to Luke for taking notes.


Pitching for a slot at Mobile Tech for Social Change London

I have recently added a new community page to Betavine to discuss these ideas – the Social Change Community.   Please take a look and give me your feedback.

One exciting idea that was suggested by Katrin was to create an informal “advisory group” to help steer the development of the Betavine Social Exchange.  We will be working on this idea in the near future.


2 Responses to “Mobile Co-creation for Social Change”

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