The team at the Meraka Institute have sent me some initial comments on the BSX.

An encouraging opening statement from the team: “we have not seen the concept of the co-creation space and tools actually specified before! Really like it!”

The team go on to add:

1. Local skills development should be part of the objectives of the Betavine Social Exchange.

Agreed. They are part of our overall objectives and the objectives of the Vodafone Social Investment Fund.  We need to consider what features and tools on the website would be helpful to the local developer community.   We are working on the concept of the Betavine Academy – which should go some way towards achieving this goal.

2. Linking experienced developers with new developers in a kind of “mentoring” relationship.

This is something that we hoped would result from the Betavine Social Exchange and the forums may be the best place for the interaction to take place.  We will explore ways of “connecting” willing mentors with those interested in learning.

3. Are we missing a “piloting and feedback” mechanism? This would allow many iterations of the solution.

The idea we are working on is to make the co-creation space flexible such that it will support as many iterations as required.  Feeback will be collected on the specific solution and the solution will be updated for another iteration.

Maybe we need to define version numbers for solutions?

4. The “softer” issues also need to be considered.

I guess that you are referring to the user interface design, business models, etc.  The plan is to have input of this nature directly into the co-creation space.  Also, we will be working on a “deployment options” information service to help to get the solutions deployed and put to good use.

As usual all feedback welcome … see the requirements on the LLiSA wiki.