Betavine Social Exchange (BSX) – workshop with Dare Digital

April 20, 2009

Last Thursday was our first workshop with Dare Digital to go through the requirements for the Betavine Social Exchange .. requirements now updated on the LLiSA wiki.

We still have a lot of work to do, including some research on our target audience – the NGO community.  

We agreed that we need to keep the whole concept of the “solution space” or “co-creation space” simple and easy to use.  The co-creation space should:

  • encourage participation from problem owners and solution providers
  • allow other Betavine members to comment on the developing solution
  • clearly show what stage the project is at e.g. concept, development, testing, deployment
  • have a “notes” section (blog?) for the solution team to record requirements, design decision etc.
  • allow “deployment teams” to make suggestions and set criteria that would need to be met for that particular team to take the solution to deployment

We have a few more workshops planned before moving on to the Information Architecture (IA) phase.


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