Last Thursday was our first workshop with Dare Digital to go through the requirements for the Betavine Social Exchange .. requirements now updated on the LLiSA wiki.

We still have a lot of work to do, including some research on our target audience – the NGO community.  

We agreed that we need to keep the whole concept of the “solution space” or “co-creation space” simple and easy to use.  The co-creation space should:

  • encourage participation from problem owners and solution providers
  • allow other Betavine members to comment on the developing solution
  • clearly show what stage the project is at e.g. concept, development, testing, deployment
  • have a “notes” section (blog?) for the solution team to record requirements, design decision etc.
  • allow “deployment teams” to make suggestions and set criteria that would need to be met for that particular team to take the solution to deployment

We have a few more workshops planned before moving on to the Information Architecture (IA) phase.