Betavine Social Exchange – questions

April 14, 2009

I have a few good questions from Stephane Boyera, co-chair, W3C   Mobile Web for Social Development (MW4D) Interest Group.

1. Are we targetting particular technology?

No, we are planning to be as open as possible and encompass as many types of solutions (voice, SMS, widgets, native applications, mobile web) , platforms (Symbian, linux, Windows Mobile …etc   ) and runtimes (JavaME, Widget Managers, webkits … etc) as possible.

2. Is there a particular role for operator(s) in this framework or the objectives is to implement services independently? Reading “ready for deployment via local operators or partners” means that the business model or the monetization of the final services will be ensured by a set of partners you already have?

Again, we are planning to be open on this.  Solution deployment will depend on local market conditions.  Once a suitable solution has been identified or created it is “business as usual” in terms of local deployment.   Also, local SMEs and entreprenuers may take a solution to market.

3.  Are you planning for closed challenges to have packaged solutions that  would be easily customizable/replicable?

I believe that a lot of the solutions will be in existance already and it may be simply matching up the solution with the problem.  I have not envisaged any closed challenges .. but maybe that would be useful?

4. What is the related IPR?

All IPR remains with the creator / developer.  Developers on Betavine are advised on how to protect their IP in the Betavine IPR Guidelines.  Once a solution is identified for deployment it is “business as usual” and the various parties involved need to agree terms.

I am hoping that over time we will be able to offer information on the variety of deployment options and point to useful resources.


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