Why blog?

March 13, 2009

Well, I have been blogging a bit at work already but not my own personal blog. 

The main thing is whether I have something to say that my fellow man would find worth reading / listening to.  I have been enbolded recently by a few public appearances, e.g. the Betavine 2nd Birthday Party and the MoMo London “operator” panel.  I am fascinated by the web, commonly referred to as the internet and all the changes it is bringing to our lives and societies.  Crowdsourcing, open and collaborative innovation, the long tail, wikinomics … what does it all mean for the corporate company? particularly operators?

So, with these words I am starting my first personal blog and, like with the launch of Betavine a few years ago, I do not know how it is going to pan out but I am full of expectation.  I will take a little time to collect my thoughts and some more material on these topics and then move ahead with an open conversation – at least I am hoping it will not just be a monologue.

Do I need to say “comments welcome” on a blog?

Steve [signing my name … that may be a little too email like?]